Next Generation Playstation 4

Rhino Controllers gives you a chance to customize your video gaming gadgets like the Play Station 4. It is all done with the best results of customization that you can carry along for best skin colors, prints, logos and even the Custom Ps4 Controllers. It is just too important for all game lovers to have the PS 4 Control for the great play and scope. You can look for the different but custom PS 4 controller colors, and the ones with the great reasons for finding the best Play Station 4 without Mods. You can make a fair deal with the best kinds of customization options that we provide here for all valuable customers.

Next Generation Xbox one

Rhino Controllers offers Custom X Box One is a home video console that is developed and marketed by Microsoft. It is, in fact, a direct competition of Play Station 4 and the Nintendo Wii U. Here at Rhino Controllers you can easily look for the best kinds of things in a very easy way. Although it must be known to you that X Box One is a further enhancement of X Box 360 with additional features. But it would be delightful for you to know that you can customize it as per your convenience. Here you can ask for x box one pc controllers as a major feature.

Swagger +100

Rhino premium controllers are the king of the jungle.

Our custom controllers are 100% original Microsoft and Sony manufactured products and are hand-sprayed with the highest quality Createx paint by our master paint team in Nazareth Pennsylvania. Your custom controller is then finished with a layer of high-quality clear coat to protect your design from scratches--or the occasional rage induced smashing (we get it, your KDR is nothing to be messed with).

  • With Rhino you’re getting the cream of the crop, not a cheap knock-off, and each controller comes with our Rhino Quality Certification and a full money-back guarantee
  • You have the option to add mods to elevate your gameplay that won’t get you banned online

Not sure which style you want?

Our custom airbrushed controllers for PS4 and Xbox are available with or without mods. They’re the perfect #TreatYoSelf splurge. OR a great gift for the gamer in your life that already has all the energy drinks and Doritos he could ever need. If you’re not completely satisfied send your controller back within 30 days for a full refund!