Let’s take a Look at Evolution of Modded PS4 Controller in Gaming Industry

Turning the leaves of gaming history tells us one thing for sure. It tells us gaming and the love for gaming dates back to 3-4 decades old. And saying that customized controllers have added much more to them won’t be wrong. Whenever, we admit the popularity of games then undenial evolution of modded Ps4 controllers have played significant role. Long story short is, controllers have been there and these will keep adding more. So, without going much more into ifs and then let’s have a historical review on the evolution of Controllers in general and the evolution of Modded Ps4 Controllers[...]

From Spacewar to Custom PS4 and Xbox One Controllers - Historical Overview of Gaming Controllers

We all love playing games. And why shouldn’t we? After all it reminds us our childhood. Literally we love collecting coins by jumping up and down with that moustache man. And that’s not the only thing we love. As a matter of fact most of us love hiding behind the wall block and then triggering fire on opponent to knock them down. In an event you are wondering what we are talking about, so here’s a clue, we are talking about spending best time in leisure. And you are right though we talking about games.[...]

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