No, it is not illegal to add mods/mod chips to a controller. In fact, one of the most favored mods "Rapid Fire" has been in use for several years.

Modded controllers are highly customized to perform specific functions for the end user. Major retailers are not able to provide the extensive customization that we offer.

Our professionally trained technicians install a microchip inside an original Microsoft or Sony controller. This chip will allow you to use such features as rapid fire and jump shot.

Our controllers allow your kid to have an edge over their competition when playing online as well as a visually personalized one of a kind XBOX or PlayStation controller.

Our controllers do not become obsolete and will not require updates. All our controllers feature an adjustable rapid fire mode which can be tuned to all future games with ease.

We use brand new controllers purchased directly from Microsoft and Sony.

Typically a brand new controller from Microsoft and Sony retails for $59.98. We take that original controller and modify it visually and functionality wise which requires trained technicians who manually disassemble and reassemble the final product. The added parts and labor add to the final product cost.

Rhino Controllers offers a 60 day warranty which covers parts and labor. You can extend your warranty to 1 year for an additional cost.

We offer a 30 day return policy from the time your controller is delivered if you are not fully satisfied with our product. Returns will be granted at the sole discretion Of Rhino Controllers. Controllers exhibiting any use, abuse or wear WILL NOT be accepted for return. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee and customers are responsible for return shipping. Returns and warranty will be void if the stickers are removed.

Rhino Controilers is a registered business in the state of Pennsylvania. Our operating hours are from 8am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday excluding national holidays.

Our controllers are compatible with any shooter games that feature single shot and semi-automatic weapons.

All our controllers are fully undetectable online. There is no communication between LIVE and our modded controller.

Our controllers are undetectable to other players and are 100% stealth. However use of modded controllers goes against Microsoft and Sony's terms of use and if caught using modded controllers the user can get banned.

The sync button still functions as it would on a non-modded controller.