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Custom Xbox One Controllers - Black Jaguar With Blue Eyes


Quick Overview

Our Xbox One Modded Controllers are backed by months and months of research, testing and development to make sure we are offering our customers the absolute best products on the market. We believe a Modded Controller should be something that improves your gameplay not something that's set on the shelf and picked up just to show off. We design our Rapid Fire Controllers 100% for the gamer. They work flawlessly during game play so that you aren't slowed down a bit.


Custom Xbox One Controllers - Black Jaguar With Blue Eyes

Important Advantages

• Master Mod includes the highest number of features available.

• Our controller includes every feature you could possibly ask for in a Modded Controller. Here is the list: Drop Shot w/ LT Cancel), Adjustable Quick Scope, Adjustable Mimic, Sniper Breath, Auto Aim Zombies, Jump Shot, Adjustable Jitter, Quick Aim, Adjustable Auto Burst, Easy Sprint, Adjustable Quick Reload, Adjustable Active Reload and Auto Spot

• Let the controller do the work for you. Each feature is designed to make difficult button press combos extremely easy. For example, when you are in last stand and you pull out your pistol, it's tough to pull the trigger 10 times in a second while you are focused on enemies. Let rapid fire take care of that for you. And that's just one feature. Explore the many features we offer for multiple combinations.


  •  FASTEST RAPID FIRE FOR ALL GAMES: By making rapid fire adjustable, we can guarantee you are going to have the fastest rapid fire possible
  •  FLAWLESS DESIGN: Your controller functions the exact same as a standard controller, connecting wirelessly, syncing, etc.
  •  LOADED WITH FEATURES: The list never ends, your controller will include Drop Shot, Quick Scope, Mimic, Sniper Breath, Auto Aim Zombies, Jump Shot, Jitter,  Quick Aim, Auto Burst, Easy Sprint, Quick Reload, Active Reload, Auto Spot