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(USA Eagle) Custom Modded Xbox One Controller

Quick Overview

Your Steps to a new gaming experience:

Step 1:

Our custom coded Rhino Mod Chip is installed inside a brand new Microsoft Xbox One controller. This will step up your game allowing you to shoot faster, aim better and play harder.

Step 2:

The front and back shell of you controller is fitted with a premium vinyl overlay which is then airbrushed by our in-house artist.

Step 3:

Your new controller is finished with a high-quality clear coating to protect your design from scratches or the occasional induced smashing (we get it, your KDR is nothing to be messed with).

Step 4:

Wait for the priority USPS guy and start gaming with your new controller right away. We have included detailed instructions that are easy-to-follow so you can jump right into some of your favorite FPS like GTA, Black Ops 3, Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, COD Infinite Warfare and many more.

Step 5:

No hassle your controller is undetectable and you have a 30 day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.