XBOX One with Mods

Doesn’t matter if you’re a COD or Fornite fan, Rhino has all the mods you need for your favorite shooters--from battle royale to zombies and beyond! We feature easy-to-use hotkeys and many other valuable features.


  • Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Akimbo, Mimic
  • Drop Shot, Jump Shot & Auto Zoom (Sniper Breath)
  • Quick Scope, Auto Aim, & Jitter Fire
  • Auto Run, Auto Spotting, & Reflex Remapping

But wait, there’s more!

Not only can you customize the look and performance of your Xbox controller they also come with fully adjustable programming modes, advanced features, and customizable speed settings that can be accessed quickly with Rhino’s easy-to-use method. We provide walkthroughs and guides to make sure you can get the most out of your custom Xbox controller. Go stealth mode Mr. Miyagi style with Rhino’s 100% internal custom Xbox controller mods that won’t get you booted online.

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